MedBAN – Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network

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  • Deliverables

    D5.2 – Kick-off Webinar A kick-off webinar was organised on November 2022 to publicly present the project’s objectives and to discuss the pathways to a more resilient, green and digital EU Blue Economy, thereby gathering insights and previewing the actions that MedBAN will deploy. D2.1 – Resilience preparedness/business continuity plan (Mapping the Mediterranean Blue Economy…

  • Open Calls for SMEs

    MedBAN will deploy two simultaneous but separate open calls for SMEs, thereby awarding vouchers that will fund two different sets of services: one for innovation, training and twin transformation of businesses and one for internationalisation actions. The services will be provided by a bank of suppliers that expert entities could integrate. The publication of the calls is previewed for late March 2023. The link…

  • Our Partners

    The project consortium comprises six cluster organisations from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

  • The Project

    MedBAN – Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network will mobilize the EU blue economy SMEs to adopt processes and technologies for a greener, more digital and more resilient economy. It will manage two open call schemes to fund a set of services for SMEs on innovation, training, twin transformation and internationalisation issues.